Scaling a Virtual Machine

Scaling a Virtual Machine

So, you've purchased additional Resources and would like to increase the capacity of one of your VMs to use those Resources, Great! Here's how:

Scaling CPU and Memory

1.  First, go to the side-bar and select "Services - Flexible Resources"

2. Select your Resource
3. Click into the VM you wish to expand


4. In the VM menu, click "Scale"


5. Adjust the configuration as you wish, then click "Adjust Resource Allocation"


Scaling Disk capacity

IMPORTANT - Some Operating Systems (Windows especially) handle scaling storage downwards poorly, in rare events this can even lead to data-loss, please ensure you have a backup in-place before scaling storage downwards. Scaling upwards is universally OK. THis process can take from 3-45 minutes depending upon the size of disk increase/decrease, during this time your VM will be unavailable.

1. Again, locate your Resource pool and click into the VM you wish to scale


2. From within the VM menu select the "Storage" tab and click "Disks"


3. Click "Edit" against the Disk you wish to expand/shrink


4. Adjust the slider and click "Save Changes" to commit, this may take a few minutes to apply.

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