How can I check the Module Debug Log?

This module debugging tool can be used to identify and resolve problems communicating with remote API systems. It will record and display the raw API data being sent to, and received back from the remote system. Logging should only ever be enabled for testing, and never left enabled all the time.

If you are experiencing a technical issue with a module enable logging:

  1. First ensure your Administrator Role has View Module Debug Log permission
  2. Then navigate to Utilities > Logs > Module Log
  3. Click Enable Debug Logging
  4. Now reproduce the issue
  5. Return to the module log page.

The details of the interaction between WHMCS and the module will be displayed on-screen for your own analysis. These details can then be forwarded to the provider's technical support team if necessary.

It is important that once troubleshooting has been completed that the debugging tool is disabled by clicking the Disable Debug Logging button.

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