I already have a cloudflare account, how can I get railgun?

If you already have an account at cloudflare, there are two ways you can benefit

1 - If your email account for dediserve, matches that at cloudflare, simply add cloudflare to your dediserve account and your cloudflare and dediserve accounts will be linked.

2 - If the cloudflare login is different, open a ticket with CloudFlare and simply ask them to link you to dediserve

Once done, you can enable Railgun on your sites for free!

IMPORTANT: If you already have your sites added to cloudflare, using Cloudflare DNS, you do not need to change it unless you want to. The websites will not list in the dediserve GUI, but that will not impact you, and you will be able to activate Railgun for your sites all in the cloudflare GUI. Changing your DNS or removing your site from cloudflare can result in downtime. If in doubt -= ask us!

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