01 - Quick Start Guide

A simple guide to getting up and running with CloudFlare on dediserve.

1 - Add Cloudflare to your account [Free]

Add Cloudflare to your dediserve account


2 - Enable cloudflare for your Domains

The Cloudflare overview

If there are no domains listed (as above) you have no Domains currently using dediserve DNS.

To use cloudflare, the domain must be added to our ANyCAST DNS platform. Add the domain (or the AnyCAST free service via this link if you have not already)

Once you add a domain to AnyCAST, it will be listed in the Cloudflare area. To enable cloudflare, simply click the Grey Cloud, enter any subdomains to use via cloudflare (eg: www, subdomain, etc) and click enter.

The platform will create the required DNS entries.

Ready for cloudflare activation


More Details

For additional data, you can click on Login Details and gain direct access to dashboards at Cloudflare.com

Access to cloudflare

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