Are there domains that shouldn't be enabled with CloudFlare?

  1. An orange cloud means that the web traffic will pass through the CloudFlare system making the site Faster, Safer and Smarter. A gray cloud means that the traffic will not pass through the CloudFlare system.

    Only CNAME records have the option to be powered by CloudFlare (i.e. orange cloud). However, not all CNAME records are appropriate to pass through the CloudFlare system.
    To decide which records pass through the CloudFlare network, you need to understand what type of content appears on that subdomain. CloudFlare can be enabled for any subdomain that gets web traffic. CloudFlare should
    not enabled for subdomains that handle non-web traffic, such as mail, ftp, and ssh or they should be marked by a gray cloud.
    Cloudflare will proxy these ports:

443 2052

2053 2082 2083

2086 2087 2095

2096 8080 8443


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