Dediserve hostbill module Quick Start Guide

The dediserve Reseller Module for Hostbill offers a powerful, easy to use tool to deliver Virtual Cloud servers to your clients in your Hostbill installation, under your own brand.

Follow these quick steps to be up and running in minutes!

Installing the module

Simply download the module [here] and then upload the to the root of your Hostbill installation. Unzip the archive and the module will be installed. If you'd like to customise the look and feel, you'll find the module template at this path (your path may vary, depending on your installation model. The first is the client GUI for the server detail, the second is how the list of servers will display in your client GUI.


Activate the module

In your Hostbill GUI, click on Settings / Modules, then on Hosting Modules. Click 'Inactive' on the menu and find the dediserve module as below. Click on Activate.


dediserve reseller module activation

Adding your first App

Click on Settings / Apps and click Add New App, the complete the new app wizard as below. Your API logins are different to your account logins, and are unique per Resource pool you have, open a ticket if you need to confirm these details. You can add as many Apps as you need to Hostbill, one per location or pool and manage them all from your hostbill installation.

Add App WIzard

Configure your products

Now you are ready to set up your first products! Click on Settings / Products & Services. Click to add a new Order Form (choose from the wide range of supported hostbill formats) and then click to add your first product!

Adding a product to the hostbill dediserve reseller module

Choose the dediservereseller App, then the server / resource pool that you added in the App list. Then configure the resources of this product or create sliders to allow your clients to make flexible resource pools of their own. Step through the wizard, and Save Changes.

Congratulations! You are ready to sell cloud to your clients!

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