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New Relic, Inc. is the all-in-one web application performance management provider for the cloud and the datacenter. Its SaaS solution combines real user monitoring, server monitoring, application monitoring, and availability monitoring in a single solution built from the ground up. It changes the way organizations manage web application performance in real-time, enable developers and operations teams to quickly and cost effectively monitor, troubleshoot, and tune application performance.

Thousands of organizations depend on New Relic to keep their sites and applications fast and available, including customers 37signals, Groupon, Gilt Groupe, GitHub, Intuit, and Shopify.

New Relic provides multi-platform support for applications developed in Ruby, PHP, Python, Java, and .NET. New Relic also partners with leading cloud management, platform and hosting vendors to provide their customers with instant visibility into the performance of deployed applications. New Relic is a private company headquartered in San Francisco, Ca. New Relic is a registered trademark of New Relic, Inc. To learn more,

Key Features & Benefits


Real User Monitoring: See exactly what real end users are seeing
Server Monitoring: See your servers from the app perspective
SQL/NoSQL Performance: View detailed performance analytics for your database
Deployment History: View code deployments alongside app performance data
Transaction Tracing: Zero in on problems fast, no matter where they occur
Availability Monitoring: Get immediate alerts when apps go down, even for a minute
Proactive Notifications: Be the first to know about issues or unusual behavior
App Map: Quickly map app architecture


Multi-language support: Ruby on Rails, PHP, Java, Python and .NET
Enterprise-class functionality including:
Real user monitoring including performance of all end-user page requests.
Server monitoring including metrics on CPU usage, physical memory, network activity, load averages, and more.
Rich monitoring of application performance and response time down to the level of individual transactions.
Tracing through the entire stack of application functionality down to individual application components, classes, methods, and more. Including the calls into the back end database.
Simple product delivery via a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model
Zero acquisition cost for VM Farms customers
Rapid time to value. New Relic works when first installed with no configuration required
Just create an account on the and in 2 minutes you are ready to go!

All the bells and whistles
24x7 Transaction Analysis and Breakdown
Comprehensive analysis and breakdowns for transactions, real user data, and database
Reporting and Optimization
Proactive Alerting
Data Retention: Unlimited

Technical Details

New Relic lets you see inside your web applications, making it easy to monitor, troubleshoot and scale them. New Relic provides a dashboard that lets you see how your app is behaving in real-time, then drill down to see performance bottlenecks, detailed traces of slow requests and more.
How It Works
New Relic provides an agent that installs inside your Ruby, PHP, Java, Python or .NET applications. The agent collects application performance data and securely sends it along to our online service. Customers log in to New Relic to see their detailed application performance data in real-time.
Supported Languages and Frameworks
New Relic monitors web applications written in Ruby, PHP, Java, Python and .NET (CLI).  We support most of the major frameworks on each platform and continue to expand support for up-and-coming frameworks. Check out our features page to keep up.
Monitor Anywhere
Because New Relic is a SaaS application, you can monitor your app from anywhere. We support over 20,000 customers in data centers and public and private cloud environments all over the world.
Drop in the agent and go
You can start seeing valuable application performance metrics for your app in just 2 minutes. Download the New Relic agent for your programming language (Ruby, PHP, Java, Python or .NET) and deploy it. You’ll start to see real-time metrics immediately.

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White papers

Application Performance in Complex and Hybrid Environments
Companies that do not rise to the challenges of ensuring performance over complex networks find it increasingly difficult to compete in a virtualized, cloud-based world. Aberdeen’s survey results show that the firms enjoying Best-in-Class performance shared several characteristics.

Application Management in the Cloud - New Relic Turns A Traditional Model on Its Ear
This report discusses New Relic, a SaaS APM company that is focused on providing application management to SMB, enterprise, and developer communities...

Managing Application Sprawl
The way that web applications are built, deployed, managed and used is rapidly changing, yet it’s harder and harder to get visibility into how apps are performing, especially in the cloud. Learn how to regain visibility and control.

Evaluating On-Demand APM (02/2011)
Traditional means of monitoring online application performance are no longer viable. New Relic’s on-demand APM meets both the technical and economic needs of today’s businesses delivering high-performance web applications.

APM – Crossing Platforms, Languages, and Deployment Models
New Relic’s APM solution delivers multi-language and platform support for a variety of deployment models. It has been adopted by organizations around the word to manage applications deployed in dedicated datacenters, public and private clouds, and in hybrid environments.

New Relic Security Overview
New Relic uses a variety of industry-standard security technologies and procedures to protect your information from unauthorized access, use, or disclosure.

Case Studies

Bleacher Report: Bleacher Report handles the madness of March and passion of sports fans all year round with New Relic.

Fanzter: Fanzter pumps up performance for mobile fans around the globe using New Relic APM.

Applicake: When you're creating web and mobile apps for clients around the world, good performance is crucial.

99designs: When your site connects thousands of designers and businesses around the globe, delivering superior online service isn't optional. See how New Relic helps make a difference.

Sonatype: When you run the world's largest open source component library, giving users fast and easy access to the resources they need is more than a nice to have. Find out how New Relic helps Sonatype deliver the goods.

Fog Creek Software: Using New Relic has made dealing with performance issues simpler, improving team productivity. New Relic is delivering constant feedback and information, validating the performance improvements, and boosting team confidence.

MercadoLibre: MercadoLibre, the leading eCommerce platform and marketplace in Latin America, standardizes on New Relic to continuously monitor the performance of apps on more than 2,500 servers in the cloud.

Envato: Envato, a leading marketplace for digital assets, needed a way to manage the incredible growth of their web traffic. See how New Relic helps them rapidly find and fix issues before they affect end users.

SpanishDict: SpanishDict relies on New Relic’s integrated tool to get a complete picture of their application performance.

CancerCare: CancerCare uses New Relic to effectively prioritize their workload and increase their web team’s productivity.


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