How do snapshots work and how do I use them?

All servers you build in your dediserve cloud feature the ability to Snapshot on both a scheduled and on-demand basis.

A Snapshot is a complete server or disk image - a clone of your entire machine at that point in time.

snapshot #1
Snapshots can be used to:
  • Replicate
  • Clone
  • Roll Back
  • As a 'Master' Image for future
    deployments or horizontal scaling
snapshot #2

In addition, Snapshots can be scheduled on Weekly basis to ensure you have a recent image to roll back your server to!

We recommend you employ a File level backup in addition to your Snapshots, as they are not designed to easily allow you to restore files, databases, etc. Additionaly, when a Server is deleted, the snapshots are all removed at the same time. Should you wish to retain a snapshot, but not the Server is came from, convert the Snapshot to a template first.

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