How to use your own VNC client, rather than the GUI Console for KVM access to your server

How can I use my own VNC client with dediserve VMs?

To use an alternate VNC you will need to use API calls to retrieve the needed info. You can use the VMs identifier in place of the ID (if you are unsure, drop us a ticket!)

These are the API calls:

GET /virtual_machines/:virtual_machine_id/console.xml
GET /virtual_machines/:id.xml

The first will start the console session and give you the port number to connect to.

The second call, you are looking for remote_access_password.


Then VNC settings for the VM would be - 
host - dediserve Cloud location IP or name (eg:
port  - given by console.xml
password - use remote_access_password

GET calls to the API can be entered as URLs in a browser. There are also JSON variants of these calls.

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