How do I resize a disk on one of my servers?

Resizing drives is possible and straightforward on the dediserve cloud platform.

First, navigate into the Resource Pool that contains the server, then click on the Server Overview and Navigate to that servers Storage Tab.

dediserve server storage overview

Click the Edit (pencil icon) option to the right of the Drive you wish to edit.

dediserve disk resize

Choose the new disk size and click save changes.


  • If you resize the disk to less than the actual physical usage (within a margin of a few GB, you will destroy the filesystem and all data on the disk.)
  • The scaling slider is based on how much Disk space is available in your Resource Pool - enlarge your resource pool or shrink other servers in the pool's usage if you need more space
  • We recommend taking a snapshot and waiting for it to complete before resizing a disk!

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