How does the Auto Snapshot feature work?

dediserve auto snapshot toggle

All servers include an Automated Snapshot option.

To enable, navigate in the GUI to Storage / Disks and toggle the AutoSnapshot switch to ‘On’ for any connected disks you wish to snapshot. You can also enagle AutoSnapshot at server creation time in the Add Server Wizard.

At this time, the snapshot schedule is on a weekly rolling basis. The platform will take a backup once per week, until you run out of NAS space, at which point the oldest backup will be rotated.

Snapshots are compressed and stored on a separate NAS array to the primary SANs, giving you added redundancy.

Due to the nature of the 'full disk image' snapshot process, we prefer to limit server primary disks to no more than 100GB in total size. If you are trying to snapshot disks of more than 100GB, your mileage may vary and we can make no promises about the timeliness or reliability of your snapshots.

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