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Based on HPE C7000 blade or latest-generation Dell hardware*
Chassis: HPE BL460c blade chassis or Dell R640 server
CPU: Intel Xeon 2660v2 or Xeon Gold 5115 ten-core processors
RAM: Up to 512GB server-grade ECC memory
OS Disks: 2x 300GB 10k Enterprise-grade SAS disks in RAID 1
SSD: Up to 12x 960GB Enterprise-grade SSDs in your choice of RAID
RAID: HPE DS2220b storage arrays or Dell H740 RAID controllers
Network: 2x 10Gbit internal connections, 50Mbps external connectivity**
* - Depending upon the existing cloud hardware in that location
** - Calculated at 95th percentile, 25Mbps in premium locations.

CPU Cores *

SSD Drives (960GB) *

RAM (GB) *

RAID Config *

RAID 5 (good performance, high capacity, low redundancy) 4+ disks
RAID 6 (good performance, high capacity, high redundancy) 5+ disks
RAID 10 (great performance, low capacity, high redundancy) 4+ disks
RAID 50 (great performnace, high capacity, high redundancy) 6+ disks

IP Addresses *

NAS Storage (GB) *

Hypervisor Type *

Location *

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Dedicated Cloud - Host €776.69 EURO Monthly
CPU Cores Free
SSD Drives (960GB) Free
RAM (GB) Free
IP Addresses Free
NAS Storage (GB) Free
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Total Recurring: €932.03 EURO Monthly
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